About Moi

I was born with a shock of pink skin on my head which grew into a small mound of ginger hair. Over the years the colour has drained slightly from it so it’s not as bright anymore – but my mama still remembers how it looked.

My name is Jennifer and I am a 30-year-old pensioner; and by that I mean I am older than my years both physically and mentally. I have the face that hasn’t changed since I was born (still got the podgy cheeks of childhood thankfully) but the rest….meh. Having been born with arthritis I have grown up making noises that I used to hear my nan make too; both of us would need help getting up from low slung chairs.
Aside from this affliction; I think “old”. By that I don’t mean the stereotype of moaning about queues or loud music (although I will admit to cursing Kiss FM on many an occasion) I mean that I honestly believe that I belong in a different time. I like the simpler things in life, my music is on vinyl, I am allergic to “street talk” and I sometimes wonder about how easy it would be if I lived in the times of gentry and you were simply shipped around from one eligible bachelor to another, having very civilized parties in order to be married off – zero effort; but you get a husband in the end….I bagsy Mr Rochester.

I have an abnormal interest in David Bowie, Orson Welles, Edgar Allen Poe and Kenneth Branagh (make of that what you will) and anything involving them I either own or menacingly covet. My literary interests are predominantly the Classics which I am continuously adding to (three bookcases so far!) and poetry, specifically John Donne, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath

Having completed my education (successfully, I might add, oooo get me) and wanting to be punished more; I started work on my Masters in literature. I am also in the process of writing my novel but keep finding myself side-tracked with very important things, like the sneaky increase in the price of Pick and Mix, the “Murder, She Wrote” re-runs and my constant attempts at wanting to become someone “who runs”. Not so much for the fitness… Just a little scenario of mine that I’d like to happen before I die. I’d love to just walk down the corridor at work, and see two colleagues – one knows me well, the other a new starter. As I walk past I want the newbie to turn to the colleague and say “who’s that?” and for the other to turn and say “that’s Jen, she works on the second floor…..she runs you know?”……



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