A Storm on the Moon

I thought I would give a break to the Musical Memories blogs and re-commence them within the New Year. I wanted to start this one dear Reader by saying I am happy. Do you know why? Well, about two weeks ago now (blimey where does the time go?…) my second book of poetry was published. Seeing my name in print and on Kindle still hasn’t sunk in yet but I am incredibly happy all the same. This is the second book of a 13 book series (pah to superstition!) and with it comes the comfort of knowing that people are reading my ramblings and also, with the release of two books a year, I am at least going to be busy for the foreseeable. By the way, this isn’t a self-deprecating entry nor one of me bemoaning the process. On the contrary, I am writing this blog from a moment of peace and calm which I have not had for several months now. I have moved house, increased workloads from all angles of my life and other shenanigans and now I find myself at rest. Christmas time is going to provide me with a period of reflection and recreation; which I am looking forward to immensely. I just wanted to share that moment with you all.

This time of year always makes me think back to my childhood and the best Christmas memories I have (being fair all years were good years because my family were there…) However, this particular one was gold and it stands out in my mind every single year and I am glad it does.

The year is 1989 people and I am a young whipper-snapper of 4 years….it is Christmas Day and also exactly 19 days until my fifth birthday (more on that in January’s blog). During the early hours of the morning my brother had unceremoniously jumped onto my bed in order to inform me that “He” had been and that I just have to get up – which I did with all the excitement that someone my age would have. “He” had been and yet I hadn’t heard a thing! Damn that man and his wizardry….I had wanted to stay up and try to see him but my Dad always convinced me that he wouldn’t be able deliver presents if he knew someone was awake….trickery indeed! Soon toys littered the floor of the living room, as I received dollies, colouring books and Polly Pocket paraphernalia – which I loved!! (if you’re nosy and interested in what exact PP toy I got then look no further…….polly pocket

That’s right, my parents bought me the school-house Polly Pocket! I loved school so much I wanted to play at home too…

But that year Reader, I received the ultimate gift….one which saw me in good stead throughout my early years. He was there during my poorly days, he was there whilst I pretended I ran a Post Office – (he was assistant and first customer). Up until my older years, he was always there and this was the Christmas I got him…


This is Lucky, and he was the softest, cuddliest and best doll I had. He was from the Rainbow Brite series and I loved him. His face was cute, he had shaggy soft fur and his legs were multi-coloured…what couldn’t you like? Every year I think of him and the cuddles that I used to have. Its one of my favourite memories. Let me know what your favourite memory of Christmas is below.

I shall now leave you with one of my favourite Christmas songs and see you in the New Year! x



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