Musical Memories – Me, my mum and the Bears 

The year is 1992 people and I am seven years old. I, unfortunately had a serious case of the snuffly-wufflies and so was withheld from attending school. A serious situation indeed, and not one I took happily! But Mama always made the right decision and after a while, I liked being at home with her. Just me and mum, always a happy memory.
This particular day however, sticks in my mind because during the afternoon I had taken to laying on the sofa, due to a fever and a headache. Mum had just given me some water when she put the the television on for me to watch. Just in time for an old cartoon to start….

This cartoon, has stayed in my memory since that afternoon. The song, still plays in my head whenever I am feeling unwell-even now at 30 years of age! Those bears made me feel better, the song, the story and most importantly the dance which consisted of bumping bums. I am laughing on the sofa, looking over at my mum to make sure she’s watching it too, to see her laughing.

“Look, sweely them bears are tapping their bums together” she says to me whilst laughing. I don’t remember feeling unwell that day anymore. I remember waiting for my siblings to come home in order to tell them. Then, waiting for my dad later that night to share with him what I saw. Once better, I used to do the bump with mum, my dad…..anybody who was around.

Finding this video on YouTube has been fantastic, I’ve already watched it about 8 times whilst writing this. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have (and still do). Have a great week!


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