Musical Memories – The Story of me, my Brother and the Nemesis

I have always been interested in the importance of words and music. We have all experienced a moment where we have heard a long forgotten song and it has brought back even more forgotten memories. When that happens I find myself wondering how I could have possibly allowed myself to forget the memory. Its that feeling; that split-second emotion which intrigues me. Sometimes nostalgia moments have left me laughing in a supermarket aisle because a particular song has come on the loud speaker. Even the unhappy memories are equally welcomed because they form part of who we are and what we have become.

During the next blog posts I shall be sharing these moments and the songs which inspired those memories to come to the forefront of my mind. So, first up is an early memory and the song is by Chicane called No Ordinary Morning (I have attached a link to the song below should you be interested. It was played in the car of a friend as we were driving through some back roads in Epping and I was immediately sent back to my old family home. The year, dear Reader was 1998 and I was 13 years old.

It was a Saturday and during the summer months. I was off from school for the holidays and enjoying a leisurely sleep in bed instead of getting up early. I was awoken by sunlight, warmth from my window and this song playing through the walls from my brothers bedroom. Most weekends I would be awoken this way, my brother would wake up and immediately play on his games console whilst listening to his music. He was 16 years old and I considered him to be the coolest person I knew. All the girls loved him at school, he had good friends and every now and again he would allow me some type of involvement in his life – even though I was his annoying little sister. This song reminds me of this one particular day because it was quite eventful. My elder sister was awaiting the start of her first university term. Hearing the music, and therefore knowing he was next door, I quickly got up and barged into his room (did I tell you I was an annoying little sister?). He was sitting cross legged on his bed playing Resident Evil. Now, I loved these games but I would never play them because, quite frankly, they scared me a little. But, I enjoyed watching him play and I used to help him with the puzzles and warning him about attacks. Sitting next to him, they were no longer scary, he used to pull off an elaborate shot and say to me “Boom!, no head Jen!” and make me laugh. He would also sometimes play as a special character, so on some levels, he would be a six foot tall, squeaky shoed piece of Tofu carrying a knife!

Anyway, after an hour or two of watching him play, my brother was called downstairs on an errand leaving me with strict instructions to not touch any of his stuff. So, naturally, as soon as I knew he was downstairs I made sure I touched everything I could get my hands on. I rearranged stuff, I pocketed a few things of his that I wanted and generally nosed about. I then returned to my seat on his bed and attempted to put the best innocent look on my face as I could muster. Only my brother didn’t return as quickly as I thought. I started to get bored, I mean, I’d already looked at everything in his room, there was nothing else for me to do! Then I noticed the controller. The game was paused and I had watched my brother on numerous occasions play, surely I wouldn’t be that scared anymore and who knows? I might actually get to really help him by getting further in the game. So I picked up the controller and un-paused it ready to move Jill Valentine into victory.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was! All this time I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I could dodge and shoot and I didn’t take any damage during the first few seconds. This was brilliant!…I was on a cloud of pride and happiness….and that’s when the music began. There is a character in the game called Nemesis and he randomly pops up. You know when he’s coming because this dreaded music signals his imminent arrival. Well, my brother doesn’t fight this character because he doesn’t seem to take damage, all he does is try and move onto the next screen because once that loads, the Nemesis encounter ends. So, I was in an alleyway, and I could see that if I attempted to use this ladder, it would cause the screen to load and I would be safe and free. “Job Done!” I would exclaim to myself, satisfied that I could do everything that my brother could. So, I run over to the ladder and initiate the action to indicate that I wish to use the ladder and move into a different section. Safe and sound thought I!, only I was wrong. Unlike how I had watched my brother numerous times, this time the music didn’t stop. The music continued and instead of being alone in the next part of the building, I was confronted by Nemesis running towards me! I let out an almighty scream and threw the controller at the wall and run out of the room. My brother had returned during this time and proceeded to laugh at me. I never played that game alone again – even now at age 30!. So, oddly enough, this song makes me feel reminiscent of my childhood….and then scared – I’m screaming at the television in my brothers room again and he is laughing at me….something’s never change. If you would like to hear the song or indeed experience the fight with the Nemesis (like I did!) then I have included the links below