A Menagerie of Letters

Tomorrow my poetry collection; A Menagerie of Letters is going to launch into publication on Channillo.com This site will host a whole variety of writers each doing what they do best; and that is expressing their artistic talent. There is going to be all types of genres and style from Poetry to Flash Fiction, Journals to serialised Novels. You can subscribe to as many author channels as you like and the first fifty days of the subscription is free. This is a wonderful opportunity for writers from all over the world to come together and share their talent with a whole new audience who get to control their channel with the types of literature that they enjoy. I am going to be updating my series every week! 

The premise of my work is the concept of being able to communicate with all parts of your self. It’s the whole idea that if you could sit round a table with your Heart, Soul, Mind and Death. What would you say, and more importantly;what would they say to you? It is a collection of conversations, pleas, arguments and confessions. I think that everyone is made up like puzzle pieces; we are  sum of all parts. Certain personalities are defined dependant on whether we allow all parts to speak; or we ignore certain elements. Therefore; what if we could separate all those pieces out and have a conversation with them.
To say that I am excited is a complete understatement! This will be the first time that my poetry is going to have such open access. There is some trepidation when I allow myself to think about the strange eyes that will befall my poems. But equally I am using this nervous energy to spur me on and continue with it all. My friends and family have been thoroughly supportive which has made this transition more comfortable-and for that I am grateful! 
I am going to be posting updates here on the whole process and also provide snippets of what’s about to be published. I hope you take a look; and I hope to see you on there as a subscriber!