I took a deep breath, and listened to the old bray of my heart

Hello! Come in, come in, take a seat. So, where were we? Well since the last time we spoke things haven’t eased off in terms of inspiration. Which is a wonderful thing. However, what I am now finding is that I am bereft of time. The ticking of the clock on the wall is not a friend, but I have come to find the noise comforting. It means I’m still here-moving forward and everything I have spent years working towards is now coming to fruition. The poetry and WIP addendum’s are ever increasing, I have now six books full of poetry. Two of which have been filled since 2015 began which I believe is a record even by my standards.

Now that I have finally got my running order ready for book one of my poetry; work has now progressed on to preparations for book two. This book is dedicated to the Heart. Any damage which the Soul takes remains invisible to all but the person afflicted. However, the Heart is physical and any attack or elation it experiences is written like calligraphy all over a persons face. The eyes are the windows to the Soul; but the face is the dartboard for the heart. For me, the Heart is stronger than most give it credit for-it just all depends on the individuals tolerance threshold. This book has been easier to devise because I already had a full list of contestants lined up so I was ahead of the project. Which is (I am embarrassed to say) completely against my character. Organisation is not my middle name (it’s Ann actually, if you’re interested) and so it was a new experience to have things easy for once. This weeks blog is therefore dedicated to the Heart, and below is today’s poem. Enjoy!

I’ve walked down along this street tonight
And I don’t know what’s left for me.
It’s darkness here, but still too bright
I have my eyes but cannot see.

The cloud covers up a soulless sky
I’m walking to my only beat.
The trees emit a collective sigh
To turn the cards, it’s Fate I’ll cheat.

I have tried to keep my distance
And have embraced this world alone.
But, here now walks a soul of substance
Time and happiness have just flown.

How many nights will I now regret,
Not showing up, or turning left?
Days are costly and I’m in debt,
My heart is calling but he is deaf.


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