The soul is known for it’s actions

This week has seen a complete splurge in my poetry writing, this roll of inspiration seems to be here for the long haul! In some primitive sense of sacrifice, that has meant that work on book three has become stunted as I continue to empty my head of these words. I think I’ve just about got all my collections of poetry in some sort of order, when BOOM! A new player enters the game and throws all my preparation into doubt. Four books are now filled with words. Words which are segregated into loose “themes”. All I need to do is read the first line and I’m instantly transported back to the very day, place, time when I wrote it. I get to re-enact all manner of emotions in a matter of minutes as I’m trawling through my books. This creates a catharsis situation which leaves me feeling like I’ve just dis-embarked from a roller coaster.

The first book of my poetry all relates to the Soul. For me, the soul is the principle of life, feeling, thought. Regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body. It is the spiritual part of us; regarded in its moral aspect, and can transcend time, space and is immune to death. However, the Soul is entirely separate from all manner of materialism and religion. It is what makes us “feel”, it is what evokes all manner of emotions and physical reactions. The Soul is the strongest part of us, if it is allowed to be. The idea of the Soul has always intrigued me, and when I started my degree many moons ago I became interested in Philosophy as well as Literature. The two make perfect companions and the more I read and learnt, the more I wanted to know.

So, I shall continue and see how long it’ll take before my brain is tipped out and empty. I must be careful what I wish for, I asked the moon for inspiration and he came along in abundance! Below is, (as promised) the first of my poems. I hope you enjoy, and see you in a fortnight

I stare out of our window
With emotions I cannot quell,
I knew I could never be happy.
All I could hear was a bell

I’ve searched every inch of my future
Just longing for a comfortable space,
I knew I should never be happy.
Your eyes refuse to look at my face

The sun provides nothing but sadness
I can only hide my tears in the rain,
I knew I would never be happy.
Back on the edge once again

His eyes lure me into the cliff face
Different body; but the soul is the same,
Oh Lord, I do long to be happy and,
loved by he who holds onto my flame


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