There are some friends you will have for the rest of your life. You’re welded together by love, trust, respect and honesty.

Ahh, there you are…welcome back Reader!. I’ve missed you, have you missed me?! It’s been far too long and we must catch up, but where to start?. Its been five months since I last posted so how about I take a deep breath and give a fast run through of my top three events to bring us both up to speed…ready?…

1. Went to London Expo where I nerded out freely and without fear of prejudice. Surrounded by the community of geeks and my best friends – amazing day.
2. Final, final, final draft of my novel series is completely finished. Huzzahs all round and excuse me whilst I collapse in a heap on the floor. Don’t move me, just bring me a drink every couple of hours and a pillow please, thanks.
3. Become re-obsessed with Murder, She Wrote….one day it will be me solving murders in between writing novels….come on Jen, keep hold of that dream!

Now back to present day, blimey that was quick wasn’t it?. So, what’s happened recently, I hear you ask. Well THE best thing happened actually, for me anyway. I got my inspiration back! Do you remember my last blog where I was in a poetry drought? Well, that is now well and truly over and it is down to one person. This individual has single handedly got my brain whirring back into action and they don’t even know it. They don’t even realise that they have done anything, all they have done is be themselves and it got me thinking. I was sitting and chatting with this person, (minding my own business I might add), when pow! it hit me. Words. Precious, emotional, simple, beautiful words and I was back in the game. I wrote a poem. It’s about that very person who got me back into it and it made me happy. Just talking to them for a short while brought to the forefront of my mind two iambic pentameters (ohh yes, get me!) which started it all off again. They continued talking, blissfully unaware that whilst I was listening I was also somewhere else. So now, five stanzas on, its finished and so has my drought. Also, it’s added a seventh poem to my personal collection. The collection where the narrator is speaking about my connection with someone specific rather then the confessional style that I usually write. This person has unwittingly joined my Inspiration Club, which is no mean feat.

Also, it was only today that I listened to some Christmas songs…the first of the season albeit a little late this year. I’ve decided that I now have to count four as my ultimate favourites. It takes years to get in my ultimate lists so, these have been waiting patiently for a while. Suffice to say Greg Lake, you’re safe don’t worry! You’re still my number 3! …And Shakin’ Stevens? Stay frosty big guy, you’ve maintained the top spot in my list.

I always find this time of year very special because it’s the celebration of a year full of triumphs and hurdles whilst setting up the goals and aspirations for the following year. A chance to look back and look forward. A realisation of all what’s gone right and all what makes you happy whilst learning from all that didn’t go quite as well and made you adapt. Next month starts the new year and the new phase whereby I shall be sharing a poem in each blog, just to hopefully whet your appetite for the publication of the collection in the Spring. Blimey, very grown up and with my 30th fast approaching I should at least consider acting my age but as my good friends Kenny and Stephen said “I don’t think anybody really matures, adults are just children who owe money”.

Have a great Christmas and new year, I shall now hand over to Shakin’ for the final sign off….